Fundraising and Events in the Coronavirus climate

We live in uncertain, unsettled times. As Greta Thunberg so succinctly told us, our home is on fire. We can attest to this only too well – we have held many online auctions in aid of the horrific Australian bush fires that have devastated the country.

With ever more urgent conversations around the climate crisis and our collective responsibility to the planet, it is no surprise that sustainability is at the forefront of the agenda. Events managers are increasingly focussing on the environmental impact of their events, affording it a high priority in the planning process.

Ten years ago the buzz was around food miles and the benefit of sourcing local, seasonal produce. These days zero-mileage caterers offering plant-based menus are the go-to suppliers for planners who want to offer their guests a more meaningful experience.

Food is just one element, however, and a sustainable event take into account everything from guest travel and a venue’s energy usage to print made with recycled materials and a ban on single-use plastics. Charities such as Scotland’s Trees for Life have seen a huge upsurge in organisers wanting to mitigate the carbon impact of events by giving back in a meaningful way.

Supporting conservation and re-wilding charities through planting trees not only offsets carbon usage but also supports local organisations in a real and tangible way.

The Coronavirus Concern

There is no getting away, either, from the fact that Coronavirus is commandeering all of the headlines. People are worried, event planners are worried and they are looking at contingency plans. What happens if guests are told not to travel to events? What happens if we have to cancel our flagship fundraiser?

Digital fundraising, once thought of as a bolt on to events, is very much at the fore these days. Virtual campaigns are increasing in popularity, with charities such as the Red Cross and Bowel Cancer UK pioneering successful online events. An online campaign brings a host of benefits such as the need for fewer resources and overheads and ensuring that more funds to go straight to the cause in question. It is a a very effective way of hosting an environmentally-friendly event without diluting the fundraising message, and it means that anyone can give at any time, without the need to travel.

Remote Digital Online Fundraising

Online fundraising embraces sustainability, with the opportunity for event tickets, brochures and invoices to all be handled through an online platform, removing the need for paper. At jumblebee we have always offered our clients a flexible and straightforward means of hosting events and auctions the way that they want to, be it an online ticket shop or a Gala silent auction.* We are continually evolving, along with our clients, keeping up with a world that is changing ever faster.

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