Fundraising Ideas




Raising money for good causes is hard work! Those who take on the responsibility to do this need help and support to get the best for the good cause as they can.

jumblebee provides simple and fun to use online fundraising ideas & tools for anyone looking to raise funds for a chosen cause. We work with a variety of communities including schools, charities, sports clubs, church groups, businesses and individuals across the UK to help raise money for good causes. And it’s free to set up your pages.  We simply charge a small percentage of your total proceeds.

Use our set up buttons to create your events and community pages, or contact us if you want to discuss further.

Make use of the following tools at your disposal:

You can use all of these fundraising tools or simply use one or two of the tools at any one time. It’s up to you.

You can make your community pages ‘closed’ where only invited members may join, popular amongst school parent groups, or ‘open’ where anyone can browse the pages, but would need to register to bid or buy something.

Have a look at the different fundraising options available to you, and please contact us if you would like more information.