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A jumblebee community  allows you to use multiple fundraising idea tools for your good cause. Create a community fundraising site for your charity, school, group, club or organisation, and you can host Auctions, Marketplaces, Ticketshops, and Pop Up Shops. You can add a calendar, blog or noticeboard too.
A community page is free to create, and jumblebee charges a small % of all proceeds from the fundraising pages.

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Communicate and engage
Keep your users engaged and informed. Let them know what is going on in your community, and post the latest news. Use your community to quickly set up additional fundraisers, post notices, and let people know what you’re doing next. Community pages are great for schools and clubs who need to run uniform shops, post announcements, sell tickets for shows or plays, and generally raise money.
Quick and easy
A community is quickly and easily set up. Fill in some details, add a logo or image, and start adding your products or events. The whole process is quick and easy, and your community could be online in a few minutes. Set up your community now
Mobile ready
Make it easy for users on the go. Your community works great on mobile devices. Everything fits automatically. More and more people are browsing online from mobiles. Make sure you’re not missing out.
Connect from anywhere
You can set up a community for your school, local community, village or charity. It’s great for letting people know last minute changes to schedules, posting new events and tickets that are ready for sale right away – and because your users don’t need to be at home or at a computer to buy a ticket or bid on an items, it’s always accessible from anywhere.
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