Question: How does my community raise funds from jumblebee?

Answer:  jumblebee provides a number of fundraising tools, one or more of which may be used by your community. A fuller description is available on this website but these tools include:

  • electronic event ticketing
  • online silent auctions
  • sponsorship opportunities
  • creation of an online community shop


Question: I don’t want to use all the jumblebee tools, I only want to use the online auction and ticket shop. Is it possible for me to to do this?

Answer:  Yes.  You can use jumblebee as an event based system only.  Our online auctions and ticket shops are increasingly popular ways of raising funds.  They are free to set up, but jumblebee will charge a small % of the total monies raised.  See below for more details.


Question: How do I set up an auction?

Answer:  From the jumblebee home page, select the red bar “set up an auction now”.  You can add details such as; start and end times, sponsors, images, how the chosen charities will be supported and much more.  To add items for people to bid on, go to the red button “post an item”.

Tips: To change the auction dates (start time and end time) go to; Account settings, reset auction dates.

Tips: Remember to look out for save buttons!

Private or Public? Public allows jumblebee to advertise your auction on our homepage.


Question: How do I set up a ticket shop?

Answer:  From the jumblebee home page, select the red bar “set up a ticketshop now”.

Tips: Remember to look out for save buttons!

Private or Public? Public allows jumblebee to advertise your auction on our homepage.


Question: How do I set up a raffle?

Answer:  Due to licensing regulations you must set up a raffle as a ticketshop first (see above details), then get in contact with a member of staff at support@jumblebee.co.uk or 0203 826 8560, to let us know you have a valid license and we’ll get it changed to a raffle for you.

Tip: An example of the ticket details for a single ticket: Ticket type “single”; Number of tickets related to this type “1”; Cost of the ticket, will be the price of 1 raffle token.

Question: My community wants to carry its own sponsors, can we do this?

Answer:  Yes.  They can take a banner at the top of the page, or they can sponsor individual modules such as auctions.  You set the rate but the minimum is £60.


Question: Does jumblebee take a % of any transactions e.g. tickets or silent auction items?

Answer:  For online auctions, jumblebee charges 5% of total monies raised.  If there are no bids then no fee is payable.  There is no set-up fee for the auction and no limit to how many auction items you can add to your auction.  jumblebee will invoice you for the 5% charge after the auction has closed.

For ticket shops, jumblebee charges 3% of all tickets sold. If no tickets are sold then there is no fee payable. jumblebee will invoice you for the 3% charge after the ticket shop has closed.

For Pop Up Shops and Market Place, jumblebee charges 5% of sale price.

If jumblebee is collecting payments for you through our payment system, Stripe, there is a charge of 2.4% for UK cards or 3% for AMEX or non-UK cards + 20p per transaction.


Question: To use jumblebee I have to register my personal email details, will these be passed on to external companies?

Answer:  No, our privacy policy does not allow this.


Question: As a registered user will I be contacted from the jumblebee website?

Answer: The only contact you may receive will be:

1.    Contact from buyers if you are selling an item
2.    Contact from respondents to a buzz notice-board message you have posted
3.    Ticket or shop receipts if you have purchased an item
4.    Successful or outbid notices if you participate in a silent auction
5.    Occasional informational contact from jumblebee


Question: Do you monitor the website for inappropriate content, e.g. items posted for sale and buzz notice-board messages?

Answer:  jumblebee is a self-policing site.  Every user agrees to the jumblebee Terms and Conditions on registering, and these terms include a clear policy on what is non-allowable content.  Every posting carries the name of the registered user alongside the posting, together with a “report item” link. jumblebee will remove inappropriate content that has been reported.  jumblebee will also browse the site on a continuous basis and will remove any inappropriate content that it finds, but this is not an exhaustive process and there is an emphasis on users in the local community to report any inappropriate content.