Helping Raise Funds for Good Causes

If your aim is fundraising, we have created a fundraising site to help you. We work with charities, schools, villages, clubs, associations, businesses, communities and individuals to raise funds in a fun and engaging way. Every day we hear of new fundraising ideas and many are included on this site. Please contact us if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.
Set up a silent auction, ticket shop, pop up shop or an online marketplace, and start fundraising today.

Covid-19 Coronavirus – we are still here to support you

In these uncertain times, we know that there will still be people, local communities and charities which need fundraising support. We suspect even more so in the coming few weeks.

Our Jumblebee team is fully working online, and we are here to support you with a suite of tools – online silent auctions, market places, opportunities for donations and the creation of pop-up online shops.

While many people and local businesses will struggle to be able to offer experiences, products or donations, we have a solution. Working with our partners Superstars, we have access to a wide range of unique, highly sought after goods which will be perfect for setting up your online auction.

When the time comes, our live event auction technology will allow you to carry on your fundraising initiatives and increase donations.

You can setup an auction or market place for free, by clicking here

Online Silent Auctions

You want to raise funds, and you have items to auction. Whether you are running an auction at a specific event, or across a period of time, our unique online and live silent auction service creates a fundraising event that is fun, flexible, and engaging. If you are planning a fundraising dinner or other event with a live event auction, we can help you by bringing ipads for bidding at tables and “leaderboard” screens to display bidding activity. Click here to find out more.

Some of our online silent auctions
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Online Ticketshop

Sell tickets for your event online. It’s quick – set up takes less than 5 minutes – it’s easy and it’s affordable. You can sell tickets for any event, and they can be bought at any time, from any device.

Some of our online ticket shops
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Online Marketplace

Encourage your community to sell unwanted goods on behalf of your cause. It’s a great way to donate to a fund. Items are easily listed and proceeds from each sale go directly to your cause.

Pop Up Shop
Set up your own shop, and sell your items online. You can customise the shop with your own logo, and it doesn’t matter if you’re only running the shop for a couple of weeks, or a lot longer. Quick, easy and affordable.Set up a pop up shop now Or find out more

Fundraising Community

jumblebee is the perfect solution for charities, clubs, businesses, villages, schools and individuals looking to raise money for a good cause. Create an online community and add auctions, ticket shops, pop up shops and other fundraising events. Encourage your supporters to join in, network and help the cause.

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