Trees for Iceland

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We are planting trees in Iceland, please donate and help us to buy more saplings of birch and mountain ash, all grown locally in Iceland to:
·      Create more habitats for birds, insects and fungi
·      Establish recreational areas for outdoor walking
·      Reduce the amount of soil erosion caused by the wind
·      Help combat the effects of global warming through carbon capture
Any donation enables us to buy more birch or rowan sapling, grown in Iceland, ready for us to plant. 
You may prefer to give a different amount and calculate the carbon cost of your recent flights or just to donate towards offsetting your footprint. 
Buy an Iceland tree as a present! 
There are many online calculators suggesting different carbon ‘cost’ for flying to Iceland. We suggest £10 each way for a flight between the UK and Iceland.
Tell us more when you make your donation and we will email a certificate for amounts of £20 or multiples of £20
We will be planting trees as soon as we can get there and will be making a record of our work and of course how many we plant! Thank you for your support.

£120 raised online
£95 raised offline
Excellent cause Julia Thank you for keeping us sane with your Iceland inspirational presentations Sarah and Annie x
£ 30
Sarah Langford
A great cause - would love to be there when you plant the saplings!
£ 10
Amanda Cullen
Keep up the great work Julia.
£ 20
Helen Roberts
A fantastic idea. Hope this helps.
£ 30
Anna Cheetham
What great work you're doing, well done!
£ 20
Caroline Browne
Thanks to the person who sat next to me on a recent flight to Iceland, your donation is now safely deposited!
£ 10
Julia Jones
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