A fun charity scoot run in memory of Rosie Speed.


24th June 2018

Rosie died from Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) in December 2013. Her favourite activity was scooting around the village on her beloved pink scooter and we are very excited to raise money for SUDC research in this meaningful way - a celebration of scooting, sunshine & happy children. In time we hope more awareness, funding and research will help make Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood predictable and preventable.

Feedback from scoots: "absolutely wonderful event", "the kids all enjoyed it and mine have been asking when the next one is!", "so lovely seeing all these sweaty children coming in with their medals on, with such huge smiles on their faces!", "we all had a super time", "such a nice feel of camaraderie and community today."

All you need to know

·         Open for all young pre-school & primary scooter-loving kids

·         The event will start in the New Hall Mews car park, HP30HG (just off Bovingdon High Street) 

·         The scoot event follows a short, fully marshalled route so kids can either scoot with a parent wandering beside them or you can feel reassured as they scoot off independently – it’s up to you. They MUST wear a helmet to participate.

·         From New Hall Mews they’ll scoot to Vicarage Lane, through St Lawrence Church, round to the left, up and through Church Lane to the High Street. The roads they'll scoot on will be closed for safety.

·         The finishing line is at the Memorial Hall where a medal awaits them. There will be a yummy cake sale, drinks, a brilliant raffle, toys and craft activities.

·         Children will scoot off in small groups. Your ticket will be for an allocated 10 minute time slot. PLEASE arrive within this 10 minute time slot to ensure we spread the flow of scooting traffic. This keeps the event safe and prevents long waiting times.

·         Each Scoot ticket costs £5, a Raffle ticket costs £2 and you can buy tickets below. You don't need to attend to enter the raffle. We will notify all winners after the event.

·         You can also support SUDC UK and donate via this site in multiples of £5 regardless of whether or not you can attend the event. 

·         There is a small 3% booking fee added by Jumblebee. All proceeds from your purchase minus minimal credit card fees will go to charity.

What is SUDC?

Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) occurs in children beyond the age of twelve months. SUDC is a diagnosis of exclusion, in other words, a diagnosis of SUDC is made when other causes of death are not identified after a thorough investigation. 

SUDC is one of the most unrecognised medical tragedies of our time.

This event will benefit SUDC UK


Rosie's mother and two other SUDC parents have recently founded 'SUDC UK' to raise awareness of SUDC and fund crucial research. This registered charity works with professionals, the NHS, media and families and all proceeds from this year's Summer Scoot will benefit SUDC UK. Over £7000 has been raised by Bovingdon's Summer Scoots to date. This is enough to support entry of 4 bereaved UK families into a ground breaking research trial which may help find answers for them and help prevent future deaths. Imagine how grateful those families are...amazing!

Please like & follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with events.

Many thanks for booking! 

A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors & volunteers.

We are so looking forward to seeing happy kiddies enjoying a fun scoot this summer.

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Bovingdon's Summer Scoot

Event Location: Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
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