BBC Any Questions
Lili la Scala
Early Bird Breakfast
Singing Workshop
Digital Photography Workshops
Wessex Male Choir and MJ-UK
... and this is my friend Mr Laurel
Alexander Karpeyev
The Clive Collective
Go Batty Walk
From the Horse's Mouth: Talk by Ruth Rogers
Appeal of Bells: Bell Ringing Workshop
Stanley : Newbury Dramatic Society
Reformation Poetry
Beginners' Knitting workshop
Francis Pugh & the Whisky Singers
Watermill Theatre: NESTING
Organ recital: Gavin Roberts
Beautiful English Gardens: Andy McIndoe
Town Quiz and Supper
Art in the House of Commons: Talk by Richard Kelly
Film: Safety Last!
Life's Merry Go Round
Beginners' Quilting workshop
Trio Sospiroso
Tea and Mozart: Kennet Opera
Ben Waters Big Band
Children's Day: Messy Play
Children's Day: Rapunzel & the Tower of Doom
La La Piano Bar