Body, Mind and Soul
Saturday, 26th May 2018
9.30am - 4.00pm

Tickets £15.00 

For the last few years, Christy and Katharine have held events focusing on the theme of Wholeness – body, soul and mind. Each having their own story, their own struggles and their own insights from seeing healing as well as not seeing healing take place. They have met numerous people from various backgrounds who, for the first time, without the fear of rejection felt heard and encouraged by the Church addressing their struggles.

These events give us all the opportunity to see how we, the Church, see the world in front of us. How we serve those God sends along our path, while still believing God is our healer and yet not disregarding the many who fight chronic illness or various conditions where they haven’t seen God heal.

Statistics tell us 1 in 4 have mental illness. We have to take note that if 1 in 4 are struggling that means every meeting, every gathering and every Church service there is not a family in the room that isn’t struggling or affected by mental illness is some way.

This many be you. This may be someone you love deeply. Or maybe you feel God is calling you to serve those who are chronically ill. During our time together we will look at the meaning, the purpose & the goal of healing. Christy and Katharine will be working together to share various insights and stories concerning the health of the whole person.

Whether you are struggling with your mental health, caring for someone, are a Church leader, health care worker or someone who would like to learn how to serve the world around us in ministering in healthy ways, then this day will encourage and hopefully equip you.

Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day. However please bring your own lunch or visit our website for suggestions on local shops and cafés.

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Event Location: Glenwood Church Centre , Circle Way West , Cardiff , CF23 6UW
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