Community Walk in Knole Park, Sevenoaks on Friday 11th May 2017 9.30am - 11.30am

This year, Rex Gooden would be 5 years old, so it seems fitting that we come together as a community to walk 5 miles around Knole Park's glorious grounds. Join us for our 4th annual  walk remembering Rex, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2015.   

The walk remembering Rex is a very special occasion, bringing the local community together for an uplifting morning, chatting together and exercising. Uplifting for the mind, body and soul.  If you can't make it please consider buying a piggy back ticket and support our cause or donate at

We will be supporting SUDC UK again this year. A UK charity  I set up with two other SUDC bereaved parents.  The Charity's mission is to improve awareness and understanding of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood and fund crucial medical research to better understand these tragedies for a future where SUDC is predictable and preventable.
Where your money goes each year...

2015 Walk Remembering Rex - raised £4,500  to help re-furbish the Brasted Chart Playground

2016 Walk Remembering Rex raised £3,347 for the SUDC Foundation enabling the enrolment of three UK bereaved families to the SUDC RRC programme for genetic testing so they can better understand SUDC. (

2017 Walk Remembering Rex raised £3,000 for SUDC UK. This fundraising will be joined with the 2018 money raised to enrol more families onto the SUDC RRC programme for genetic testing and if we raise more than last year we plan to fund a new exciting research study which is in the pipeline. More news to follow...

What you need to know about the walk 

1. We're doing a shorter walk this year. 7.5 Km

Going forward we want this annual charity walk Remembering Rex to be about bringing the community together, getting outside in nature and doing something uplifting and positive with like minded people. "Smile at a stranger. The sunshine you share may just be the light their soul is craving'"JL Wyman

2. Cost to walk is £15 only plus a minimal booking fee. 

3. Meet up in front of Knole House at 9.30am.

4. Please wear a blue top or brightly  coloured  top in keeping with the uplifting theme of the morning.

5. Dog friendly and buggy friendly (weather permitting)

6. Please stay for a cup of coffee afterwards. Vikki Rutter is kindly providing her delicious healthy snacks to entice you. 

Paul and I would  like to thank you for supporting this year's Walk  Remembering Rex for  SUDC UK. We hope we can make a difference by advocating for more research so that  SUDC UK is one step closer to making Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood  predictable and preventable. 

Please contact me if you have any further questions. E: (going live at the beginning of April)
For more about Rex's story please visit

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2018 Community Walk Remembering Rex for SUDC UK

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