PBM in support of Hospice at Home

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PBM is the collective name for Paul Bird's global corporation which combines motorsport on both two wheels and four.

Paul is an active supporter of local charity Hospice at Home, the charity, which relies largely on the generosity of the public and local businesses, provides quality, palliative care and support to patients, family members and carers affected by life limiting illness.

All of the proceeds from our silent auction will be donated to Hospice at Home and the winning bidder will receive a unique piece of history.

Corbeau race seats are trusted by champions and winning teams in the four wheeled world of motorsport and this custom build race seat belongs to 2018 British Championship Series runner up Glenn Irwin
£ 420
PBM in support of Hospice at Home
When bidding on an auction item, if you enter more than the minimum increment for an item then your bid will be used for proxy bidding. This is how it works:
1. You enter the absolute maximum that you are willing to bid for an item.
2. jumblebee places a bid on your behalf, using the minimum amount required to make you the highest bidder, i.e. current bid price plus bid increment OR the reserve price, if there is one and it can be covered by your proxy bid.
3. jumblebee continues to bid on your behalf, whenever you are outbid by another member's bid, until your maximum bid is exceeded or the auction is won.
4. jumblebee will notify you by email if your maximum bid is outbid by another member and provided the auction is still running, you will then have a chance to enter a new maximum bid if you wish.
For example:
The current bid on an auction item is £100. The minimum increment is £10. You enter a bid of £150 (your maximum bid).
Using your bid, but increasing only by the minimum increment, jumblebee sets the current bid to £110.
Another person bids £130 but they are immediately outbid by jumblebee bidding on your behalf and the current bid goes up to £140.
The auction finishes and you have won the auction item at a price of £140.