Art Auction in aid of Rose Road

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Invest in an original piece of art painted by artist Paul J Best and support local children and young people with complex disabilities.  Paul has donated 5 paintings, all depicting the local area, to the Rose Road Association and so 100% of each sale price will come to directly to the charity. (Minus auction processing fees).

All money raised through the auction will support Rose Road to continue to provide vital services to disabled young people and their families during the COVID-19 crisis.  Rose Road has proudly remained open throughout, we have provided emergency respite to families in crisis, supported key worker families with day care and adapted to be there for families when they have been isolated from their usual support networks.  Each overnight break we provide costs approximately £386 and each hour of outreach support costs £25. We're so very grateful to all of our supporters who have allowed us to remain open so far, and to Paul for his unbelievably kind donation. 

For our families their journey through COVID-19, and back to 'the new normal' is only just beginning, and all money raised through this auction will help us to support them in any way we can. 

If you can't take part in the auction but would like to donate to our appeal please visit

Paul's work is principally focused on interpreting and expressing a sense of place. He seeks to express the unique quality of places... landscapes, seascapes and townscapes and has a passion for Hampshire Landscapes in particular. He combines his work as an artist with his practice in landscape architecture and urban design. He is the founding Director of Southampton based Arts and landscape consultancy 'People Place Nature' and a newly appointed Trustee of the Rose Road Association.  

For Paul painting remains the most immediate and expressive of all artistic practices. He is drawn to painting mainly landscapes and seascapes and now has paintings in collections across the UK and in America, Spain, Switzerland, the Caribbean and Australia. He sells his work on line and through Hampshire based Art Galleries and shops. 

He particularly likes to create textured paintings and often incorporates gels and pastes and sometimes applies gold leaf. He mostly always incorporates reflective paints in the work to capture and reflect the light. This gives the paintings a visual quality that changes in different lighting conditions. He will usually combine the use of palette knife and soften this with brush work. 

Paul is inspired by the enduring 'impressionist' masters:  Klimt, Monet, and Matisse in particular as well as more contemporary landscape painters including, Hitchens, Manrique and Rae and he describes his paintings as broadly impressionistic. 

Lot 2
£ 185
Hampshire Downland 40cm x 60cm by Paul J Best
Lot 4
£ 225
Lee on the Solent Shore 61cm x 61cm by Paul J Best
Lot 5
£ 260
Selbourne Fields 50cm x 76cm by Paul J Best
Lot 1
£ 195
Beaulieu River 61cm x 51cm by Paul J Best
Lot 3
£ 295
Picket Plain Pond 60cm x 90cm by Paul J Best
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