Katey Oven's Auction for Street Child

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I came across the charity Street Child last year when taking part in the National Citizen Service, which involved me volunteering for 2 weeks raising money for a chosen charity within my group, we chose St Albans church in Norwich, as our location. 
This is where we found out about Street Child. When researching Street Child and watching the videos I found myself overcome with emotion, making me cry, as it was an outcome of the disease that I had never considered,  people who were left behind when the majority of coverage and media had left. Therefore these issues I felt were really important to me and I wanted to do more than the cake sale my group had organised. 
Being an art student I thought I would use my strengths in order to create something that could perhaps raise a lot more money and awareness, therefore during last summer I dedicated a large amount of time to this painting intending for it to be sold for this cause.  (this is now a year later as my A-levels took over ) 
I chose this portrait of a little girl from Sierra Leone. I found this portrait significant as she is staring innocently at the camera, revealing the vulnerability of the types of children this charity is raising money for. However what makes her more sincere is that she has the sparkle in her eye and cheekiness of any other child, she is beautiful and I wanted to strike a chord  to show the viewer that this little princess and thousands of others are real. Just because bigger stories have replaced Ebola they and their story shouldn't be forgotten.
I hope this portrait brings about a realisation of the depth of hardships a child of her age has to go through in her own country as opposed to ours, behind her face you can see the pain and the loneliness that I feel has been inflicted by the aftermath of the disease.
£ 360
Sierra Leonean Girl's Portrait
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