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Karen Betts, along with her professional brand K.B Pro are proud to support the Alex Lewis Trust.


Karen first met Alex with his plastic surgeon Alexandra Crick who had completed the cutting-edge surgery used to rebuild his face. The medical tattooing required to complete the process of restoring  Alex’s face to as close to normal as possible is not available on the NHS. After reading about Karen’s pioneering medical tattoo work with the Katie Piper Foundation the Alex Lewis Trust approached Karen to take Alex on as a client for this vital final phase.


It was at their first consultation that Alex made an immediate and lasting impression on Karen. Karen recalls, “Alex is such an inspiration, his courage in the face of adversity should be a lesson to us all. Alex is building a great life for himself and his family and he is using his disability to raise awareness to help others. When I first met Alex he told me how his young son had struggled to come to terms with his drastically altered appearance and was reluctant to kiss him (Alex lost his lower face to a rare Strep A  infection causing Sepsis), I just knew I had to help him on his journey.”


After completing an incredible pigment alignment treatment, followed by a 3d lip creation treatment using her own specialist K.B Pro products, Karen made it her mission to support Alex by providing permanent cosmetics procedures free for life, and furthermore raising money for the Alex Lewis Trust - set up to fund Alex’s rehabilitation, allowing him the opportunity for a full and independent life.


£5,665 raised
It’s a small amount Alex but I wish I could give more… Zee Zulfiqar …I will encourage others to donate even the smallest amount as a lot of people with small amounts contributed can make it happen. I pray you get the best of prosthetics and get some normalcy back. IN SHA ALLAH (God Willing) you will make it my brother! You have a lovely lady on your side. You are much loved. Much love
£ 20
Z Zulfiqar
You are such an inspiration Alex. Well done you.
£ 100
stephen morley
Amazing work! Wishing you well Alex.
£ 100
Mark Frankel
God bless you.
£ 10
Je te souhaite le meilleur traitement et la récupération Alex. que Dieu te protèges
£ 10
David Manegabe
God bless all the work that you do Karen xx , love from Canada!
£ 2
Emily Chan
I wish all the beat of luck to Alex and his family.
£ 10
Iulia Burg
I recently had a treatment with Karen and had previously read her Web site where I read about Alex. I have nothing but admiration for Alex and his zest for life after the trauma he has experienced. Karen Tillotson
£ 100
Karen Tillotson
God bless you and your family ...
£ 100
phuong nguyen
Happy Birthday Karen, here is the 2nd part off your birthday collection! Two very inspirational people!! From the Nouveau HD Team x
£ 116
Zoe Tarling
Such an inspiration for everyone x
£ 10
Sharna Mclean
Happy Birthday Karen Betts! Here is the first instalment of a fund raised by your teams to support Alex Lewis. 2 inspirational people we feel lucky to be associated with
£ 45
Stephanie Hornsby
£ 5
Laura McCarthy
I hope you are getting better! Hugs from Romania
£ 15
Carmen Ungurean
Alex, you are such a lovely man. Kind regards from Germany
£ 10
Katharina Thiel
On 6th July I attended the Safety In Beauty Rainbow Ball. Our fabulous host, Antonia Mariconda, hosted a glamorous and prestigious award ceremony to honour, commend and celebrate empowering examples of how the beauty industry can unite in enrich the lives of others. You can learn more here: https://safetyinbeauty.com/ This year, Antonia was kind enough to raise funds for the Alex Lewis Trust (thanks to all those that contributed) - here is my personal contribution to an inspirational man that I now also call my friend. Karen x
£ 4000
An incredibley heart wrenching and inspiring story.
£ 25
Lisa Barber
True inspiration x
£ 40
Hannah Goodall
It is with great pride that we extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 Micropigmentation Awards last month (see https://www.micropigmentationuk.co.uk for info). Your donations towards helping Alex have amounted to £500! We simply cannot thank you enough for your generosity. Thanks also to the wonderful Sonia Anderson for organising such a fabulous industry event and for giving us the opportunity to raise even more money in the name of the Alex Lewis Trust x
£ 500
Can't wait to support Alex further- positivity in the face of adversity- a true inspiration xx
£ 25
Helen Batty
As a team we are extremely proud to be able to help Alex. He inspires us all to be the best version of ourselves. Please accept this donation from our collective team at Nouveau Beauty Group show how proud we are to support you
£ 185
Such an inspirational man and such a wonderful thing for Karen to do! Love Zoe and Beth Xxx
£ 40
Zoe Tarling
True inspiration xxx
£ 20
Jodi Bennett
Alex is one of the most humble, inspirational human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet. A driven and genuinely grounded man who lives his life determined to help others. It is a pleasure to be able to help Karen in her quest to support the Alex Lewis Trust - her drive to personally help Alex reach is goals makes me proud to work alongside her.
£ 30
Stephanie Hornsby
An amazing and inspirational man!!
£ 20
Katie Wilson
Kind deeds change lives. Happy Birthday Karen
£ 10
Lesley Wilson
A lovely thought Karen. Alex looks amazing. ;-) x
£ 30
Tiffany Tarrant
Such an inspiration
£ 10
Niky Whittaker
True inspiration x
£ 10
Helena Jones
Fabulous idea! Happy birthday Karen
£ 10
Anne Perry
What an inspirational man, and family. You guys are truly amazing.
£ 27
Kerri Thornton
Delighted to pay Karen's birthday present forward and pass her bday gift on via this donation for such a great cause, inspiring too. Natalie x
£ 30
Natalie Buckley
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