Iceland Hike for RTN

Thank you for visiting the fund raising page for Richmond Talking Newspaper.  We are taking up this hiking challenge in Iceland in September to raise funds for some much needed recording equipment.  

A team of RTN volunteers meets every Friday evening to read and record the articles in the local paper, The Richmond & Twickenham Times.   This master recording is then copied and sent to local blind or visually impaired residents of Richmond.   All in one evening!    This service has been continuous since 1979, that's 50 times each year for 39 years!

To make the process of recording and distributing this unique source of local and community news more efficient, there are some pieces of equipment that we'd like to buy.  A donation of any size will be very helpful, and contribute towards the cost of providing some key apparatus for our talking newspaper:  


·       starter packs for new listeners (£50 each)

·        a  15-at-a-time USB duplicator (£1200) 

·       handheld digital recorders (£140 each) 

·       and an 8-channel Professional Effects Mixing Desk (£170).   


Richmond Talking Newspaper is  Registered Charity No 27771.  


Our challenge is to cover 50lk over a period of four days in some testing but exciting terrain in Iceland    The daily distances are not huge, but the terrain is hard going and even though the temperatures in September are not particularly low, Icelandic weather is famous for being fickle, so we can always expect rain, regardless of the season with copious amounts of wind thrown in for good measure. Iceland is interesting because it is astride the North Atlantic ridge- the tectonic plates balanced on the earth’s crust which are constantly moving and shifting.   On one plate balances the entire American continent and on the other the whole of Europe and Asia. The split between the two runs all the way to the South pole.


Iceland hiker Valerie Munro is leading the fundraising for RTN, together with fellow hikers  Iceland Traveller director, Julia  Jones, Ann Gibbon criminal defence solicitor and  a member of RTN’s volunteer reading team, and stalwart charity supporter and good friend of RTN Rachel Smith.


Training for our 50K challenge, has already begun and includes, endurance, map reading and brushing up camping  skills as the team will spend at least one night under canvas in this demanding terrain.


For more information you can visit the Iceland Hike page

the RTN website

and follow Iceland Traveller on Facebook.


Thank you so much!