Christ the King College FREEBAY

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Welcome to our College Marketplace! 

You can use our Marketplace to sell any unwanted items, just like using Ebay, WightBay, FaceBay etc, whilst at the same time helping us in our fundraising campaign. Look at it as an online charity shop, with your chosen cause - Christ the King College's students - benefiting.

There is no set up fee and no listing fee and the proceeds (the selling price) go directly to our fundraising campaign. 

Selling on our Marketplace is safe and secure. All transactions are handled by Paypal, and your account details are never disclosed to us, Jumblebee, or any customers. No Paypal account? No problem. Pay securely with a credit or debit card, right within the Paypal system.

So what are you waiting for? Clear our those sheds, garages, cupboards etc and sell, sell, sell... whilst raising funds for a charitable cause!