Barnardo's Bury St Edmunds 'Tennis in Tiaras' day

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In celebration of our Patron, the Queen's 90th birthday and Barnardo's 150th anniversary, we are holding a mass tennis morning followed by lunch near Bury St Edmunds. We would love it if you could join us...with your tiara of course!

In the meantime we have some great auction items to tempt you:

2 centre court tickets for The Queens Club Tournament on Tuesday 14th June with members enclosure badges.

4 Coldplay tickets at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday 15th June.

A Wimbledon T-shirt signed by Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova.
£ 110
2 Wimbledon tickets for Saturday July 2nd
£ 170
2 Queens Tennis Tournament tickets June 14th 2016
£ 50
Cheveley Park Stud-Private Tour for four
£ 40
Wimbledon T-shirt signed by Serena and Martina
£ 310
4 Coldplay tickets at Wembley Stadium 15/6/16
When bidding on an auction item, if you enter more than the minimum increment for an item then your bid will be used for proxy bidding. This is how it works:
1. You enter the absolute maximum that you are willing to bid for an item.
2. jumblebee places a bid on your behalf, using the minimum amount required to make you the highest bidder, i.e. current bid price plus bid increment OR the reserve price, if there is one and it can be covered by your proxy bid.
3. jumblebee continues to bid on your behalf, whenever you are outbid by another member's bid, until your maximum bid is exceeded or the auction is won.
4. jumblebee will notify you by email if your maximum bid is outbid by another member and provided the auction is still running, you will then have a chance to enter a new maximum bid if you wish.
For example:
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Another person bids £130 but they are immediately outbid by jumblebee bidding on your behalf and the current bid goes up to £140.
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