Although it seems a strange time to think about travelling, our son Harris is looking to the future and an amazing opportunity for 2021, travelling to Africa with World Challenge.  With everything that has been going on recently, he is hugely behind with his fundraising with two of his biggest fundraisers cancelled..  

We are ridiculously proud of our 15 year old son who has thrown himself at this lifetime opportunity to travel to Estwatini  (formerly Swaziland, South Africa) for 3 weeks in 2021 to help the local community become a better and safer place. So we’ve decided to step in and help!  

We get a lot of messages about the coveted first appointments when we finally get the shop open, so its time to put them to good use!

Here’s how it works.. 

The first 3 appointments with each barber will be auctioned off!  Place your bids and good luck! 

You can bid for anyone of the slots.   Please note that your bid will apply to the first day of reopening - we hope this is July 4th but is subject to change inline with government advice. 

Do not worry if you don’t bid or don’t win - we already plan to work more hours to get you all in!  This is simply a bit of fun to help our lad raise more towards Africa as he still has £3k to raise.