Giro Winner Ivan Basso signed top for Everesting For Young Hearts

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The framed top signed by Ivan Basso is the Liquigas 2009 team kit.  Ivan Basso won the Giro d'Italia in 2006 and 2010 and was 4th in the Giro and the Vuelta in 2009.

Ivan Basso is one of the worlds greatest climbers.  This top is being auctioned to raise money for an Everesting Cycle Challenge event with donations and auction proceeds made to charities supporting children and young adults with heart disorders.  

Everesting is a cycling challenge involving cycling up and down the same hill as many times non stop as it takes to reach the height of Everest - 8,848m.  I Everested on the Coulport climb near Glasgow and it took me 63 reps and 12 hours 48 minutes. 

The Everesting took place on 11 July and a new Scottish record was set.  The fundrasing target is £8,848 and the proceeds of this auction will help me each the target..The link with more details is here

The top was kindly donated by Billy Bilsland Cycles, Glasgow.
Lot 1
£ 105
Giro Winner Ivan Basso signed top for Everesting For Young Hearts
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