Art Auction for Wildlife Warriors

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I am donating the funds raised from this auction to the Wildlife Warriors, a fantastic group set up to help animals injured in the horrific bush fires that raged through parts of Australia.
Many of these animals suffered horrific burns as they couldn't move fast enough to escape the flames - sadly billions died.
I hope that my painting captures your imagination and if you are the lucky bidder, you will get some joy knowing that you have enabled these amazing volunteers to care for these innocent victims of our climate crisis.

Painted from an original photo by Emmanuel Keller 
Lot 1
£ 25
Paradise Lost
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1. You enter the absolute maximum that you are willing to bid for an item.
2. jumblebee places a bid on your behalf, using the minimum amount required to make you the highest bidder, i.e. current bid price plus bid increment OR the reserve price, if there is one and it can be covered by your proxy bid.
3. jumblebee continues to bid on your behalf, whenever you are outbid by another member's bid, until your maximum bid is exceeded or the auction is won.
4. jumblebee will notify you by email if your maximum bid is outbid by another member and provided the auction is still running, you will then have a chance to enter a new maximum bid if you wish.
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