WriteClub - Mentoring
One-off, one-to-one sessions to keep your writing on track
60 minute Skype/phone call coaching 
Option to send up to 2000 words in advance by email

Writing can be a lonely business. We understand. We know how it is to sit there, just you and your notebook/laptop/slate and chalk with no more than your words for company. Sometimes the whole thing can get overwhelming and you can find yourself stuck in the middle of a sentence with no idea how to get out. You can't see the book for the words, let alone the purpose from the plot. What started out as a great idea suddenly looks like a jumble of incoherent letters and you feel like throwing the whole thing out of the window.

But wait! Help is at hand! 

Chances are that you've simply got stuck. It doesn't mean the end of everything. You just need a helping hand. Which is where we come in - hurrah!

Experienced facilitator, mentor and writer, Alison Powell, can help you unravel your writing knots and get to the heart of what it is you really want to write. She'll guide you gently (but firmly) to a place of new perspective, ask questions to reconnect you to your writing goals, and point out places in your work where you can expand and grow into your authentic voice.

As a skilled NLP master practitioner and creativity coach, Alison can also help you to find (and guard) time for your writing, kickstart your creative ideas and get your words flowing again.

Book now and Alison will email you to arrange a convenient time for you to talk.

£75 per session

About your mentor:
Alison runs creativity workshops at universities, schools and festivals around the world. She is an award winning writer, published in various anthologies and magazines and holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Bath Spa. 

She believes that everyone has the right to express themselves in writing and runs sessions that support new writers to find their voice. Her passion for poetry and story along with her enthusiasm for helping people become the best versions of themselves are reflected in her lively and open presentation style. She will do her utmost to ensure that this session leaves you feeling inspired and ready to write onwards.

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WriteClub Mentoring - one-off session

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