A little photo auction action!

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          ***Auction ends Sunday 31 October at 7.00pm***

The plan

I am auctioning two of my portraits to raise money for two amazing charities - Gendered Intelligence (GI) and Inclusive Mosque Initiative (IMI).  These two charities both do incredible work to support people who are often multiply marginalised, and with your help, we can go some way towards supporting the brilliant work they do.  In return, you get some lovely art to adorn your home/office/wall of your choice.

The photographer/fundraiser

My name is Wasi Daniju, I’m a photographer and therapist, former board member of IMI, and very excited to be holding my first auction!  You can see some more of my work at wasidaniju.com.  I make good to excellent photographs, and I’m hoping you’ll find these ones good enough to make some excellent money for GI and IMI.

The background

Earlier this year, I was invited by renowned artist and curator Yinka Shonibare to submit work for the Royal Academy (RA) Summer Exhibition.  The two photographs I entered were short-listed.  However, I chose to withdraw them before it got to the selection stage due to the way the RA dealt with a transphobic issue - you can read more about my decision and its background in this blog post.  I’d like to take this unfortunate experience and turn it into something so much better.

The charities

Gendered Intelligence, established in 2008, is a registered charity that works to increase understandings of gender diversity and improve the lives of trans people.

Our vision is of a world where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued and where trans, non-binary, gender diverse and gender questioning people live healthy, safe and fulfilled lives.”

“The Inclusive Mosque Initiative is an intersectional feminist mosque dedicated to creating inclusive, safer places for marginalised Muslims and their families, especially non-traditional families. We are committed to reviving a rights-based Islam that challenges all forms of oppression. We call ourselves a mosque to demonstrate that a mosque is made up of a community, not bound by a building.”

The thanks

Huge thanks to Leah V and Yusuf D for allowing me to sell these portraits of them for such a great cause.

The caveats

  • These aren't the droids photographs that I entered for the Summer Exhibition - unfortunately I could not get consent to sell these.  However, I’ll hope you’ll agree, these two portraits are equally worthy of your love!
  • I intend to give as much as possible of what I raise (at the very least 80%, and hopefully much more) to GI and IMI.  However, I would like to cover at least half of the costs of creating the photographs if possible - so £100 if I raise £500 or more, or 20% of whatever I make if it is below £500.
  • If you'd like to donate directly to these charities, that is awesome too, and you can do it here - Gendered Intelligence (GI) and Inclusive Mosque Initiative (IMI)
  • NB: Jumblebee fees are 5% including VAT of the winning bid total. Card transaction fees are (2.4% +20p per transaction, except overseas cards which are 3% + 20p per transaction)

Lot 2
£ 155
Yusuf D (Where The Light Gets In) - framed A2 image
Lot 1
£ 115
Leah V (You See Yourself) - Framed A2 portrait
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