it's not about making a donation... it's about making a difference

Helping a building with 4 walls and tomorrow inside

The Guild of Parents (GoP) community offer a helping hand to Princes Risborough Secondary School (PRS).  At PRS every pupil matters and at GoP every penny counts. As such, help  comes in all forms: from raising much needed extra funds to serving cups of tea. All of which is aimed to help the teachers and the pupils in their educational journey -  and in so doing helping the school. So whether a parent at PRS or visiting this site looking around, there are various options open where you can help too. 

Become part of the growing community and help each month. Become part of something great and make a difference to a loving school that, against the odds, keeps on producing human greatness.

How to use this website:

View this website as a window into various school requests. As you window shop you will have the opportunity to purchase a requested item for the school..

This website is also a communications tool:

  • find out what parents can do and are doing at PRS
  • what the GoP steering group are up to
  • and communicate to the community.

In addition and on occasion, the site will show ways for the community to save on expenses: from daily shopping to family holidays(This aspect may give no direct aid to the school, but is a way of giving a little back to the helping community).

 - navigating the website -

Navigation icons (Home, Blog…) on the computer are found as a drop down menu on the mobile screen. Clicking the three horizontal grey lines this will reveal the drop-down navigation icons:

  • Home 
  • Blog  – steering group communications. 
  • Notice Board – is where you can place your own notice 
  • Calendar – what’s going on 
  • PoP Shop –school subject requests  
  • Ticket Shop – buying raffle tickets (this will be open for the Christmas Raffle)
  • Donate – giving to one of the bigger projects.

Pop Shop purchasing

Helping from your computer or mobile screen comes mainly in the form of purchasing.  If a school subject has a 'Pop Shop' open on the site, a request is in the shop. You will have the opportunity to purchase from within that shop - a purchase can range from £1 to £100. 

When purchasing within a Pop Shop think of it as donating. When you purchase you donate funds toward that item request in the shop. A team will buy the purchased item on your behalf. For example, if you purchase a Chemistry Set from the Science Shop, a laboratory will not be dropped off at your doorstep (it will go to the school).   

- a multi-purchase item- 

Requests from a subject/teacher that exceeds £100 become multi-purchase items. It takes more than 1  purchase to buy a multi-purchase item for the school. For example, the Music Shop may require 4 Cellos - costing £180 each. Yet, the Music Shop's visual purchase price (donation price) may say £30 for a Cello. This means it will take 6 purchases/donations to buy a Cello. 

At the shop, and when typing '1' in the 'Quantity'  box, you will be donating £30 toward a Cello. When typing '2' in the 'Quantity' box you will be donating £60 toward a Cello and so on. In the main, it will require the power of the group community to buy multi-purchase items.

New Pop Shops

Throughout the academic year school subjects and teachers request material and help with projects. Therefore, new Pop Shops (requests) may well pop-up each month. Here the community can help by considering purchasing from the shops each month. No matter if it is £1 or £10 in the month, we would ask you to help a little each month. By considering helping this way, as part of the community, it will make such a big difference to the school and to the pupils' education. 

(There are some in the community  that have began to place a purchase on a regular monthly basis (at the beginning or end of the month). What they have said is, not being committed to a fixed direct debit  system allows them too donate/purchase what they feel they can afford that month  - and of course direct it to where they want the help to go).  

There is no doubt that a community making small regular donations will make such an impact on the pupils and the school. Please consider ta monthly purchase.

Closing Pop Shops 

When a shop closes/disappears it means either::

  • all purchases are met - the target requests is obtained
  • the shop has timed-out and failed to sell (obtain) its request.

When a shop closes failing to sell its request for help, but the shop has received community purchases the following will happen:

  • the shop will be reopened at a later date(s) with the aim to add to the purchases already made (requests will only be relaunched a maximum of two times)
  • if after two relaunches and the request still fails to be met, either: a) the GoP will aim make up the difference, b) the school department will aim make up the difference 
(Where an item is urgently needed then the 'reopening' stages will not occur).  

Helping Online - Helping Offline

Helping Online: is windows shopping and purchasing from a Pop Shop to help make a difference. 

Helping Offline: is making a bigger difference. Being part of the community the individual (parent or public) can, if they so wish, add to the community. Here, you can reach out to other PRS parents, friends, family and neighbours making them aware of this online community, the school and how they too can make a big difference. And so, a pupil’s aunt living in Australia can still help their niece’s school on the other side of the world.  Simple, it just about reaching out to those around you. 

To help with helping offline, that is reaching out, within the Lunch Box’ Pop-up Shop there is a 'Tool'  section, material available that may aid when Helping Offline.

Funds Received

All funds received on this site enter immediately into our charity PayPal account.

Thank you for spending the time reading through this and thank you so much for considering helping the pupils at Princes Risborough Secondary School.

[From the parents at the GoP steering group] 

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