Donate to support the Welshpool 1940s weekend

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Please help us to  raise funds for the Welshpool 1940s weekend held from 22nd- 24th September 2023, organised by a not for profit committee.

After a 2 year hiatus due to Covid we were back in 2022 but need your support.

As this is primarily a free event for the public to enjoy we have to raise considerable funds (over £1,400 each and every month) to make it happen, not an easy task.

Any donation you feel you can make will be gratefully received whetether it is £1 £5 £10 or more it will greatly help us.

£53 raised
£ 21
Nick Stather
extra for the larger poppy union flag - Ken Osborne 2 woodstock road
£ 5
Ken Osborne
For the 3 x 2 poppy flag Alan. Ken Osborne 2 Woodstock road yeovil soms ba21 4sf
£ 7
Ken Osborne
Added an additional 10. Put it to any good use for veterans over there from a veteran over here !
Rochelle Ferrera
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