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Project Limitless is a charitable drive that aims to provide comfortable, easy and fun upper limb prosthetics to children and young people across the UK. At Project Limitless we don’t believe equal access should come at a price, and we don’t believe children should have to wait months to get fitted.

To achieve our aims, we’ve partnered with Koalaa soft prosthetics. A Koalaa sleeve is a slip-on-and-go prosthetic arm made up of a soft fabric and interchangeable tools. It’s as comfortable as a favourite pair of trainers yet as versatile as a multitool. With Project Limitless and Koalaa there’s no crowd funding, no hospital visits, no messy plaster casts, no blisters, no fuss: just your child and their potential.
Since its launch in 2020, Project Limitless has provided over 600 families with a Koalaa soft prosthetic. That’s over 600 children who’re smashing balls out of the park, reaching new speeds on their bike, learning a new instrument or flipping cartwheels in the park.

We’re raising money to ensure the families already with us are supported right through to adulthood – whatever activity they want to try - and to help us reach even more children who would benefit from a fully-funded ground-breaking activity arm from Koalaa soft prosthetics.

A small donation makes all the difference…

Let their style shine! £30 – Buys a child a new cover for their prosthetic sleeve

Game, set, match! £80 – Buys a child a brand-new tennis serving tool

Try something new! £150 – Buys a child a tool to access to a whole new hobby

Kit and kaboodle! £250 – Gives a growing child a bigger replacement sleeve

The whole shebang! £650 – Gives a new child access to a brand-new sleeve, tools and support from Koalaa’s limb buddy service


Love what you guys do.
£ 200
+£ 50 Gift Aid
Alan Melady
I wish you the best!
£ 150
£ 100
+£ 25 Gift Aid
£ 10
+£ 2.5 Gift Aid
Emma Claughton
Good luck with the project. We love seeing all the children using their Koalaa's to try new things. Great message too 'where prothetics meet play'. Keep up the good work.
£ 10
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