Legacy 300: Athlete Experiences

Welcome to the  Legacy 300 site, you have no doubt arrived via Facebook. 

PLEASE CAN YOU E-MAIL david@partyforthepodium.com so we can sort out your booking for the 18th November immediately.

You also have the unique opportunity to purchase unique experiences to meet and compete with Athletes in venues across the UK and support the good cause of your choosing.

You are invited to participate in any experience day  of your choice, and if you wish to support the good cause of your choosing  then donate an additional place on any of our experience days for your good cause to raise further funds.

We can then offer support to the good cause in running an online or live auction with 100% of the money raised going straight to the good cause.

Please share the Auction site through social media, especially if you are encouraging people to support a particular good cause.

So Purchase Now and don't miss out.

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